Luminex LumiNode 4

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The Luminex LumiNode 4 is a cutting-edge lighting control device that has revolutionised the way lighting systems are managed and operated. Designed and manufactured by Luminex, a leading name in the entertainment technology industry, the LumiNode 4 comes packed with an impressive array of features that make it a versatile and indispensable tool for lighting professionals in various fields, such as live events, concerts, theatre productions, and broadcast setups.

The LumiNode 4 is designed for ease of use and efficiency. Its user-friendly web interface allows for intuitive configuration and control, while the front panel offers quick access to essential functions, reducing the need for complex programming or the use of external software. This user-centric design ensures that lighting professionals can focus on creativity and flawless execution.

Flexibility is another strong suit of the LumiNode 4. It supports various merge modes, enabling seamless merging of multiple DMX sources without any signal loss or degradation. Additionally, its RDM (Remote Device Management) capabilities facilitate device monitoring and configuration, streamlining maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

The device’s rugged construction ensures reliability even in the most demanding environments. It is built to withstand touring conditions, making it ideal for use in on-the-road productions. Its compact size and lightweight design further add to its portability and ease of integration into existing lighting systems.

Furthermore, the LumiNode 4 boasts cutting-edge security features to protect against unauthorized access or potential cyber threats, providing peace of mind to users concerned about the safety and integrity of their lighting network.

In conclusion, the Luminex LumiNode 4 sets a new standard in lighting control technology with its extensive protocol support, user-friendly interface, flexibility, robustness, and security features. It empowers lighting professionals to push the boundaries of creativity while ensuring a seamless and reliable lighting experience for various applications.

Tech Spec

: 4 x 5 Pin F-XLR Inputs, 2 x Neutrik EtherCON, 1 x PowerCON True1
Outputs: 2 x 5 Pin M-XLR Loop Outputs (1 per Channel)
8 x 5 Pin M-XLR Isolated Outputs (4 per Channel)
Accessories: 1 x Quick Trigger Clamp, 1 x 15KG Safety Bond
Power Consumption: 0.06A
Transport Weight: 7.8kg


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