Ayrton Perseo Profile S


The Ayrton Perseo Profile S is a powerful and versatile lighting fixture.  It boasts an IP65 rated enclosure which has been developed by Ayrton for intensive outdoor use, making it the perfect choice for outdoor events and festivals, as well as all indoor applications.

The Ayrton Perseo Profile S features a 500W ultra-compact monochromatic LED source calibrated at 8200K which can produce metallic white light with an output of 30,000 lumens.  The optics have been developed to achieve an optimal resolution to performance to efficiency ratio.  They allow perfect image reproduction and significant improvement from distortion whilst also producing a highly uniform flat beam with no hot spot.

The fixture enables the user to create everything from sharp beams to smooth washes thanks to the Perseo Profiles 8:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 7° to 58°.

The Perseo features a subtractive CMY colour mixing system combined with variable CTO colour temperature correction and a wheel with six complementary colours that produces an infinite palette of vivid pastel and saturated colours.

The framing section allows accurate positioning of four shutter blades on 100% of the surface area in all positions, allowing the user to frame any object regardless of the fixtures position.

The image section includes 18 interchangeable HD glass gobos on two wheels; one rotating wheel with seven positions and one fixed wheel with eleven positions which enables the user to create intricate patterns and effects to truly enhance the event’s ambiance and atmosphere.

The effects section includes a continuous dynamic effects wheel, a 15-blade iris diaphragm; two frost filters, one soft edge and one hard edge; two rotating prisms; one circular with 5 facets and one linear with 4 facets.

The Ayrton Perseo Profile can be controlled by DMX-RDM plus  ArtNet™ and sACN protocol through IP65 Ethernet Cable.

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Tech Spec

Light Source: 40,000 Lumens 8200 K White Light Engine
Total Output: 30,000 Lumens
Beam Angle: 7° – 58°
Colour: CMY Colour Mixing, Variable CTO Colour Temperature Correction, Fixed Colour Wheel with 6 complementary colours
Gobos: 7 Rotating HD Glass / 11 Fixed HD Glass
Fixed Gobo Diameter: 25.5mm
Rotating Gobo Diameter: 27.0 mm
Image Diameter: 22.0 mm
Gobo Thickness: 1.1 mm
Dimmer/Strobe: Electronic Dimmer from 0-100% / Strobe 1-25 flashes per second
Frost: 1 x Light/Soft, 1 x Heavy/Hard
Prisms: 2 Rotating & Indexable / 1 x 5-Facet circular, 1 x 4-Facet Linear
Iris Diaphragm: 15 Blade
Control: DMX 512 Protocol, DMX-RDM, Stand Alone, ArtNet™ & sACN Protocol, 4 DMX Modes (38-61 DMX Channels)
IP Rating: IP65
Accessories:2mtr 16A T Line – Powercon True1 Cable, 50 Kg Safety Bond, 2 x Omega Bracket with Clamp
Power Consumption: 3.48A
Flying Weight: 40.4kg
Transport Weight: 0.0kg