Ayrton Cobra


The Ayrton Cobra is a powerful and versatile beam light.  It utilises a phosphor laser engine to achieve perfect colour reproduction with a D65 white point. Additionally, it offers unprecedented native contrast levels for a digital light source and boasts a narrow beam angle of just 0.6°. Furthermore, the fixture’s extensive focus range allows for adjusting the beam shape based on the operating distance.

In terms of graphics capabilities, the Cobra stands out with 92 fixed and rotating metal gobos distributed on two wheels. These gobos can be blended with two sections of four individually combinable rotating prisms, creating a multitude of volumetric lighting effects.

Equipped with a 170mm frontal lens, the Ayrton Cobra incorporates a proprietary optical system that utilizes 13 lenses. This system provides an incredible 38x zoom ratio, ranging from 0.6° to 23°.

The Cobra’s colour section features a highly innovative CMY mixing system. In addition, it includes a multi-position instant access wheel equipped with six corrective filters, 21 complementary colour filters, and a variable CTO on two concentric circles.

Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the Ayrton Cobra excels in extreme conditions. It is not only waterproof with an IP65 rating, but also includes a sunlight protection system. Moreover, it features an integrated heating system to withstand temperatures below -10°C. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for outdoor events, festivals, and indoor applications where durability is essential.

In the world of illumination, the Ayrton Cobra lighting fixture stands as a true powerhouse. Its exceptional performance, durability, versatile zoom capabilities, precise colour control, framing options, and advanced effects make it the top choice for lighting professionals across various applications. With the Ayrton Cobra, designers have a tool that empowers their creativity and enables them to deliver stunning lighting experiences.

Tech Spec

Light Source: Laser Phosphor Engine
Total Output: 386,000 lux at 20m
Beam Angle: 0.6° – 23°
Colour: CMY Colour Mixing, Progressive CTO, 6 Colour temperature correction, 21 complementary colour filters
Gobos: 12 Rotating Metal Gobos, 80 Fixed Metal Gobos
Gobo Diameter: 6.9mm
Gobo Image Diameter: 4.0 mm
Dimmer/Strobe: Electronic Dimmer from 0-100% / Strobe 1-25 flashes per second
Frost: 1 x Light/Soft, 1 x Heavy/Hard
Prisms: 6-Facet Circular (2), 8-Facet Circular, 16-Facet Circular, 4-Facet Linear (2), 6-Facet Liner (2)
Control: DMX 512 Protocol, DMX-RDM, Stand Alone, ArtNet™ & sACN Protocol, 3 DMX Modes (35-45 DMX Channels)
IP Rating: IP65
Accessories:2mtr 16A T Line – Powercon True1 Cable, 50 Kg Safety Bond, 2 x Omega Bracket with Clamp
Power Consumption: 2.09A
Flying Weight: 33kg
Transport Weight: 0.0kg