Prolyte Projector Plate


The Prolyte Projector Plate is designed to be the top plate of a truss plinth.  Featuring the stacking connectors to work with various projector frames, including the Rigtec Air Frame X10 and Air Frame X20, this plate will allow a projector frame to be locked into position on the plate using the locking pins provided on the Projector Frame.  The Projector Plate will work with various projector makes and models, including Panasonic PT-RZ970, PT-RZ12 and PT-RZ21K.

The Prolyte Projector Plate will work with Prolyte H30V and H40R truss.

Tech Spec

To Fit Truss Type: Prolyte H30V and H40R Truss
Size: 900mm x 800mm
Flying Weight: 21.5Kg
Transport Weight: 21.5kg