Barco UDM-4K22 Projector

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The UDM 4K22 is a new 4K resolution laser projector from Barco. It delivers twenty one thousand lumens from a laser phosphor lightsource and weighs in around 80 kilograms in it’s frame. It’s compact for it’s size and weight and the lightest 21 thousand lumen 4k laser projector on the market. There are many other new features Barco has installed in this unit making it a brilliant solution for 4K Projector Hire. Firstly the Barco UDM  has the best color reproduction and widest color spectrum available from a 21K laser phosphor projector.

Next up It has rugged construction which is intrinsic to the Barco brand and why CPL invest. We know how important reliability is whether you are indoors or outside battling the elements, Barco is the best product. We think Barco UDM hire for your events projection is a strong solution offering image quality, power, resolution and durability. Add into the mix things like the widest lens shift, pushes the flexibility to enable more creativity. Also it has Barco’s legendary Pulse electronics as the backbone of the 4K infrastructure which offers an intuitive interface and user friendly control software. Contact us today for Barco UDM hire from CPL and to compliment it we have a range of products to drive your content.

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Tech Spec

Light Output: 21000 Lumens
Resolution: 3840 x 2400 4K UHD
Contrast Ratio: 2200:1
Inputs: 1x Single HDBaseT
1 x HDMI2.0
1 x DP 1.2
4 x 3G/12G SDI/BarcoLink Ultra
Maximum Input: 4096 x 2160
Display: 3 Chip DLP 16:10 4K UHD
Features: Horizontal and vertical edge blending and embedded warp & blend
Optional Acc: Rigtec Atom Grip
Flying Weight: 81kg
Transport Weight: 81.8kg


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