Panasonic AV-HS410 HD/SD Portable Production Unit


The Panasonic HD Portable Production Unit is designed around the Panasonic AV HS410 Vision Mixer, which is coupled with a Blackmagic Design 16 x 16 HD/SD router enabling it to process either high definition or standard definition signals.
The AV HS410 mixer can handle up to 8 HD or SD inputs, either via the router or directly into the mixer. Inputs can be either cameras, video sources or graphics which can be connected directly into the mixer via 3 x DVI-D inputs.
The PPU also includes a 6 way RTS Comms system with interface to convert to external Clearcom system.

Tech Spec

Marshall V-R241 24″ Multiview Monitor
RTS 12 CLD Comms Key panel
AV-HS410 Vision Mixer c/w
8 x HD/SDI Inputs
3 x DVI/VGA Input
2 x Component Output
3 x HD/SDI Outputs
1 x DVI/VGA Output
RTS-Zeus III LE Comms Matrix
Blackmagic VideoHub 16×16 HD/SD Router
2 x Kramer Dual 1:10 HDSDI DA
2 x Clearcom CC-300 Single Ear Headsets 4 Pin M-XLR
4 x Clearcom CC-400 Double Ear Headsets 5 Pin M-XLR
Marshall V-R241 24″ Waveform Monitor
Marshall V-R44P 4 Way LCD Monitor Bridge
RTS 12 CLD Comms Key panel
Black Magic 40 Button Router Control Panel
Evertz 5600 MSC Masterclock SPG
Network Control
Power Consumption: 2.0A
Optional Acc:Peltor MT7H7 Double Ear Headsets
Transport Weight: 220.6kg