Grass Valley Kayak HD/SD Portable Production Unit


The Grass Valley Kayak HD Portable Production Unit is designed around Grass Valley’s 1ME multi format Kayak Production Switcher which is coupled with a Codan 32 x 32 HD/SD router enabling it to process either high definition or standard definition signals.
The Kayak switcher can handle up to 24 HD or SD inputs either via the router or directly into the mixer. Inputs can either be Cameras, Video sources or Graphics which can be connected via the Barco ImagePro HD Scaler. Outputs can be routed via the HD/SD or Analogue Router’s to enable multiple Preview/Main/Multiview outputs.

Tech Spec

Evertz 5600 Masterclock/SPG
Codan NK-IPS Network Bridge
Clearcom TW-12C RTS-Clearcom Converter
Barco Image-Pro HD Scaler
Codan NK-RCP-NKMI 40 Button Router CTL
Miranda Kaleido Alto Multiviewer
Marshall V-R231 23inch LCD Monitor
Dual Rack Light
RTS-RM-325 User Station
Grass Valley Kayak Mixer
24 x HD/SD Inputs
12 x HD/SD Outputs
Codan NK-MD34 HDSDI Router
Codan NK-RPI Redundant PSU
Lynx Series 5000 Digital Glue[F2]
Lynx Series 5000 Digital Glue [F3]
Kayak HD/SD Mutli-Def Vision Mixer Frame
At-GS9900/8 Ethernet Switch
Lynx Series 5000 Digital Glue [F1]
Codan NK-RCP-NKM Router CTL
Murry Pro EZ4-3WS 4 Way Monitor Bridge
Sony Trimaster 23inch OLED Monitor
VideoTek TVM-900D Waveform/Vector
RTS-RM325 User Station
RTS-LMS325 Speaker Station
Codan NK-RCP-NKMI 40 Button Router CTL
KVM Laptop in Tray
8 x RTS BP325 Beltpacks c/w Sennheiser HMD Lightweight Headsets
2 x Clearcom CC-300 Single Ear Headsets 4 Pin M-XLR
4 x Clearcom CC-400 Double Ear Headsets 5 Pin M-XLR
Power Consumption:5.5A
Optional Acc:Peltor MT7H7 Double Ear Headsets
Transport Weight: 509.0kg