Stumpfl 14ft x 7ft 10in Frame Screen


Stumpfl 14ft Frame Screens are very robust, hence making them ideal for the Rental & Hire industry. Made out of high precision extruded aluminum profiles with snap joints that define the skeleton of the projection screen. The entire Stumpfl frame block unfolds and the snap joints lock automatically.

Furthermore Monoblox combines Stumpfl’s time-tested frame system with stable, reliable and automatically engaging snap joints that allow a single-piece frame. Above all Stumpfl screen systems are built for Rental & Hire applications which require the frame to be set up as easily and quickly as possible.

Constructed from a of a single piece 32mm x 32mm aluminium frame with snap joints. The Stumpfl 14ft Frame Screens are very robust. Front & rear projection surfaces with 10cm black reinforced borders and grey backed front surface.
Finally Screen heights are adjustable with the T32 legs anywhere from 60mm to 820mm to the bottom of the screen

Front projection screen material Flex White CI – 100 % light-tight, flame resistant. Gain factor: 1.02, viewing angle: +/- 50°
Rear projection screen material – Flex Rear CI. Cleanable, flame resistant. Gain factor: 1.18 or 2.25; viewing angle: +/- 45°

These Stumpfl screens are ideal for use with our range of  DLP Projectors.

Stumpfl 14ft Screen Rental/Hire. Contact us today to hire or for a demonstration of the Stumpfl Screen Systems.

Tech Spec

Ratio/Frame: 16:9 Ratio, Monoblox 32
Frame Size: 4470 x 2600mm
Projection Area: 4270 x 2400mm
Kit Includes: Front & Rear Projection Screens
2 x Ring Eyelets for Flying
Flying Weight: 17.3kg
Transport Weight: 51.0kg