ScreenStalk LED Screen Lifter

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The ScreenStalk LED Screen Lifter is a motorised screen lift stand, this stand is the perfect solution when hiring our Panasonic TH-86SQ1 4K Displays.  It allows the screen to be lifted straight out of it’s case and raised to the perfect viewing height by simply pulling the trigger of the provided drill – making a task that would usually require three people a job for a single hand.

The ScreenStalk boasts a solid steel frame and precision gearing, ensuring robustness and reliability in its performance.  To complement its sturdy construction, lightweight fibreglass covers discreetly conceal the inner workings and any cabling when the stand and screen is fully set up.  The combination of strength and elegance makes the ScreenStalk a standout choice for various events and exhibitions.

The ScreenStalk can be used with any display screen up to 150KG in weight.  The centre of the mounting plate can drop to 600mm at the lowest setting or up to 2000mm at it’s highest.  With the fibreglass covers in place the lowest the centre of the mounting plate can be positioned is 1770mm.

Tech Spec

Accessories: Base Fibreglass Cover, Upright Fibreglass Cover, DeWalt 18V Drill with 2 Batteries & Charger
Max Height: 2000mm (Centre of mounting plate)
Min Height: 600mm (Centre of mounting plate)
Min Height (with covers): 1770mm (Centre of mounting plate)
Stand Footprint: 800mm Width x 630mm Depth
Stand Footprint (with covers): 1050mm Width x 740mm Depth
SWL: 150KG
Transport Weight: 36.4kg
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