ROE Ruby-C 2.6mm Curving LED


ROE Ruby-C is a cutting-edge curving LED panel that has revolutionised the world of visual displays. With its exceptional picture quality, versatility, and innovative features, the ROE Ruby-C is the go-to choice for creating smooth curves, cylinders, archways, tunnels or perfect waves.

ROE Ruby-C enables each panel to be curved, which provides a solution to creating a smoothly curving LED wall, with no flat sections.  The panels can be curved in convex and concave curves, the maximum curving degree is 30° and minimum is 1°.  The curve can be adjusted in 1° increments, by simply rotating the handles on the rear of the panels.

ROE Ruby-C is compatible with the standard ROE Ruby panels, so both versions can be stacked or hung in the same wall, allowing you to reserve curved panels for curved sections, utilising the standard panels for flat sections.

Ruby-C has a remarkable pixel pitch of 2.6mm. This incredibly fine pixel pitch ensures that the display delivers a sharp and detailed image, making it ideal for scenarios where visual precision is paramount. Whether it’s showcasing high-resolution graphics or streaming high-definition video content, ROE Ruby-C excels in reproducing visuals with utmost clarity and fidelity.

With exceptional brightness levels and colour accuracy, Ruby-C ensures that content is displayed with stunning clarity and vibrancy. It can reproduce a wide colour gamut, making it suitable for displaying intricate visual content, from vibrant graphics to lifelike video.

The ROE Ruby-C LED is a testament to the strides made in LED display technology. Its exceptional pixel pitch, versatility, brightness and colour accuracy make it an industry leader and a preferred choice for those seeking unparalleled visual experiences. Whether in the world of entertainment or corporate events the Roe Ruby 2.6mm LED shines brightly as a beacon of innovation and excellence.

Tech Spec

POA. Please call to discuss your requirements
Pixel Pitch:2.6mm
Pixel Resolution:192 x 192, (36,864 per panel)
Maximum Concave Curve: 30°
Maximum Convex Curve: 30°
Curve Increments:
Brightness:1,500 Nit
Horizontal Viewing Angle: 140°
Vertical Viewing Angle: 140°
Panel Size:500mm x 500mm
Power Consumption:0.67A
Flying Weight: 8.3kg
Transport Weight: 17.1kg