ROE Carbon 5 LED 1200mm x 600mm


The ROE CB5 LED carbon fiber frame and slim design make these panels an ultra-lightweight solution for building larger LED screens quickly. The ROE Carbon 5 panels are the perfect product for indoor and outdoor use, because of its deep contrast. The CB5 panels also carry an IP65 rating alongside the ability to operate at up to 6000nits for outdoor use. Each panels weights 13.9kg also making it an ideal solution for creative LED

ROE CB5, LED panels are packaged in an Air Frame touring system. This provides a lightweight carbon fiber system with in-build wind bracing for outdoor use. The ROE Air Frame offers concave and convex curving options for highly creative video wall designs. With horizontal variance of -10 to +10 degree, allowing positioning at -10, -5, 0, +5, +10.

The ROE Air Frame is a lightweight touring system for the CB5 LED panels. It provides a convenient all-in-one solution for hanging, stacking and transportation.
ROE’s innovative carbon fiber Air Frame technology cuts pre-tour engineering time and shipping costs by minimizing use of trailer space that reduces truckload weight or air freight costs, when compared to conventional touring frames.

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Tech Spec

POA. Please call to discuss your requirements
Tile Dimension: 1200mm x 600mm
Pixel Pitch:5.769 mm
Pixel Resolution:104×208
Brightness:6,000 nits
Viewing Angle:140
Indoor/Outdoor:Indoor/Outdoor IP65
Power Consumption: 2.08Amps
Flying Weight:13.9kg or 26.5kg with Airframe
Dolly Transport Weight:532kg 16 x 1200x600mm Panels
Transport Weight: 13.8kg