Prolyte MPT Tower


The Prolyte MPT tower is based on Prolyte H30V truss and uses a sleeve block that is suitable to fit any of the 30 or 40 series trusses.

Tech Spec

Please note that the Hoist is not included
For use with:Sleeve Block fits Prolyte 30 & 40 Series Truss
Max Height:7mtr
Max Wind Force:8
375kg (500kg Hoist)
750kg (10000kg Hoist)
Kit Includes:1 x MPT Tower Base
4 x MPT-011 Short Outriggers
4 x MPT-012 Long Outriggers
4 x MPT T51 Stabiliser Tubes
1 x H30V Quad Truss 500mm Section
4 x MPT CCS6-H Hinge Sections
1 x MPT-010 Sleeve Block
1  x MPT-009 Tower Top
Transport Weight: 113.0kg