Portman P1 Mini LED


Portman P1 Mini LED is a decorative effect light that keeps the retro tungsten look but now its’s all LED. P1 Mini has a two layer light source, first there are seven 3 watt LED filaments each with an RGBW glow surround. These seven cells called “pixels” make a circle array and mounted onto a pivoting circular frame. The Portman P1 Mini LED is available for hire from CPL  with an adjustable drop bar to vary flown heights.

The LED Filament is 1800k and accurately reproduces that warm retro halogen look used on stages and tv sets globally. You can control each filament and glow individually and it has 16 bit dimming. In addition there are 5 DMX modes where each and every pixel, filament and RGBW led can be individually controlled.

P1 is 78cm wide and weighs 12.5kg, using 90 watts through an AC Neutrik powercon true one, it only draws 375 miliamps. This large size and low power consumption makes it very effective at creating a big visual impact. A few fixtures can quickly fill up large spaces on stages and expand the overall scale of the set easily.

Control the P1 with the Avolite Quartz lighting console over 5 pin DMX or wireless DMX withe the Lumen Radio CRMX Nova Flex transmitter.

Tech Spec

Lightsource: 3W 1800K filament + 10W RGBW LEDs
Beam Angle: 94 Degrees
Input/Output: 5 Pin DMX, Powercon true one
Control: DMX, WDMX
Accessories: 2mtr 16A T Line- powercon true one cable, 15kg Safety Bond, Hook Clamp, Telescopic Bar.
Flying Weight: 12.5kg
Transport Weight: 48.5kg