OXO Pixyline 150 Batten (Pack of 4)

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The OXO Pixyline 150 is a RGBW linear LED lighting batten from OXO light in France. It has fourteen 10 watt, Red, Green, Blue and warm white combination LED chips and has a solid metal housing. The Pixyline 150 also has asymmetrical rotating feet with Omega brackets and quick locks so it can be flown and ground stacked. OXO Pixyline 150 hire from CPL, cased in packs of four. OXO have crucially fitted IP65 ingress protection as standard on Pixyline 150 so no problems in bad weather.

Pixyline 150 has a virtual colour wheel with calibrated White (2700 K – 8000 K) and LEE filter colors @3200 K. In addition it has dynamic macro effects, including smooth chaser, fire effect and water effects. More features like electronic dimming and electronic strobe add more flexibility.  These along with individual pixel control transform it into a brilliant eye candy fixture to wow the audience. Flip it’s function instantly into a powerful wash light with far reaching beams to illuminate stages and structures. OXO Pixyline 150 hire from CPL is available with lighting consoles to control them along with many different rigging and power solutions . Also other LED lighting batten are available.

So in total, Pixyline 150 gives you wash and eye candy flexibility with dynamic effects and works in the rain. Contact us today for Pixyline hire or a demo.

Tech Spec

Light Source: 10 x 4in1 RGBW LED’s
Beam Angle: 20 x 50 Degrees
Input/Output: PowerCON TRUE1, DMX 5 Pin
Accessories: 2mtr 16A T Line – PowerCON TRUE1 Cables, 15kg Safety Bonds, Hook Clamps & Rigging Kit.
Flying Weight: 6.5kg
Transport Weight: TBC
Transport Weight: 80.2kg


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