Motorola CP040 2 Way Radio


The Motorola CP040 2 Way Radios are a perfect communication tool for events of all types and sizes, delivering numerous benefits that significantly enhance event management and coordination.

One of the primary advantages of the CP040 radios for events is their audio quality.  In crowded and noisy event settings, effective communication is vital to ensure smooth operations and address any issues promptly. These radios provide clear and reliable communication, allowing event organisers, security personnel, and staff to stay connected and share critical information without misunderstandings or disruptions.

The radios’ rugged design also makes them ideal for event use. Events often take place in various environments, including outdoor festivals, concerts, sporting events, and conferences. The CP040 radios are built to withstand tough conditions, such as dust, rain, and accidental drops, ensuring they remain operational throughout the event duration.

Furthermore, the simplicity and user-friendly interface of the CP040 radios are valuable during events where different personnel, including volunteers and temporary staff, might be handling communication devices. With minimal training, anyone can quickly learn to use these radios, streamlining communication processes and reducing the chance of miscommunication.

The long-lasting battery life of the CP040 radios is another crucial benefit during events. Many events last for extended periods, and the last thing organizers want is for communication to fail due to dead batteries. These radios offer extended battery life, ensuring uninterrupted communication and reducing the need for frequent recharging.

Events often require seamless coordination among various teams and departments, such as security, medical, hospitality, and production. The CP040 radios support multiple channels, enabling different groups to have dedicated communication channels, making coordination efficient and organized.

Moreover, the Motorola CP040 Radios come with various accessories, including an earpiece and headset, which enhances communication privacy and professionalism during events.  Staff can discreetly communicate without causing distractions or disturbances in public areas.  The radios come with individual chargers, alternatively a 6-Way Charger can also be hired.

In conclusion, the Motorola CP040 radios are a valuable asset for events due to their clear audio quality, rugged design, user-friendliness, long battery life, multi-channel support, and enhanced security features. These radios contribute to the smooth and efficient management of events, ensuring seamless communication among teams and enhancing overall event safety and success.

Tech Spec

Frequency Range:UHF1 403 – 440 MHz
Features: 16 Channels, Programmable Buttons
10hr Battery Life
Kit Includes: 1 x Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM)
1 x In Ear Headset with Gel Insert
1 x Desktop Charger
2 x Batteries
Transport Weight: 1.4kg