L-Acoustics LA-RAK II AVB


The L-Acoustics LA-RAK II AVB offers twelve channels of amplification in a flyable touring rack.  The LA-RAK II is equipped with three LA12X amplified controllers, two LS10 AVB switches and power/signal distribution panels.   This rack provides a plug and play, reliable solution for seamless networked audio redundancy based on the Milan protocol.

The L-Acoustics LA-RAK II AVB comes with three-phase 32A IEC input and link connectors, allowing two LA-RAK II AVB units to be linked together.

The LA12X is a four-channel amplified controller designed to power the largest loudspeakers in the L-Acoustics catalogue.  LA12X features a proprietary switch mode power supply (SMPS) with DSP-controlled power factor correction (PFC) capable of delivering 12,000 watts of output power with record hold times. Based on a 4×4 architecture, these amplifiers offer both flexibility to power a high density of passive loudspeakers and a powerful amplification for large format active enclosures.  The four inputs are available in analogue, AES and AVB.  Four cascaded 24-bit and 96 kHz A/D converters at the front end yield an impressive encoding dynamic of 130 dB.

The LS10 AVB Switch is a plug and play Avnu-certified AVB switch that integrates seamlessly within the L-Acoustics ecosystem to further simplify connectivity, uniting audio and control distribution.  The LS10 distributes audio and control via front EtherCon connectors enabling long distance optical links.

Tech Spec

Front Connectors:  2 x 19-Point CA-COM (Analog Input / Link), 3 x Female XLR (AES/EBU Input), 3 x Male XLR (AES/EBU Link), 10 x EtherCon (Network)
Rear Connectors:  3 x LA12X: 4 x Female XLR (Analog/AES/EBU Input), 4 x Male XLR (Analog/AES/EBU Link), 2 x 4-point SpeakON (Output), 1 x 8-point CA-COM (Output)
Power: 12 x 1400W (8 Ω), 12 x 2600 W (4 Ω), 12 x 3300 W (2.7 Ω)
Effects/EQ: Built-in EQ station with 8 IIR, 3 FIR EQ filters
Array morphing (LF contour, zoom factor), Air absorption compensation filters
Internal IIR and FIR EQ algorithms for speaker phase linearization and improved impulse responses
L-DRIVE protection (excursion, temperature and over-voltage)
Output delay from 0 to 1000 ms
Mains: 1 x 32A 3P (Power Input) 1 x 32A 3P (Power Link Out)
For use with: All L-Acoustics Loudspeaker Systems
Transport Weight: 16.0kg