Interspace MicroCue3


The Interspace MicroCue3  System is a wireless presenter control system built for Rental & Hire,. It’s got 3 x USB ports to control up to 3 computers. An LCD screen shows the cues, signal strength, and battery condition of the handset itself.
By far the greatest upgrade to the Interspace MicroCue3 System has been on the back of the unit. The 2 XLR connections for i2Net. This has been developed for ease of use and distance between connected devices [currently tested to 1500m].

Plugging two MicroCue units together with an XLR cable [and additional power supply], will multiply the RF web in your event. They will share their handsets while powered up. They will both forget when powered down, so ensuring they are ready on the next show.
You can create a web of coverage using multiple units for the most difficult of venues to get that signal through.
Using multiple units allows you to control multiple computers on one click of the handset – 12 computers with 4x Interspace MicroCue3 Cue systems.

This System comes complete with a 2 button wireless control and is ideal for use with our range of Laptops.

Interspace MicroCue3 Rental/Hire. Contact us today to hire or for a demonstration of the Interspace Cue Light Systems.

Tech Spec

Kit Includes: 1 x Base Station & RF Receiver
1 x Wireless Remote
Transport Weight: 5.5kg