ETC ColorSource Spot 15/30


The ETC ColorSource Spot 15/30 combines exceptional light output with a unique mix of Red, Green, Blue & Lime LED emitters, allowing for an amazing colour range & depth, compared to other LED fixtures.
No external controller is required, with its stand-alone functions.

Tech Spec

Light Source:  60 Luxeon LED Emmitters
Beam Angle:  15/30 Degree
Gobo Size: A Size
Accessories:  2mtr 16A T Line – Powercon Cable, 13A-16A Jumper, Powercon-True1 Jumper Cable, 15kg Safety Bond, Colour Frame, A Size Iris, Metal A Size Gobo Holder & Hook Clamp
Power Consumption: 0.58A
Flying Weight: 13.1kg
Transport Weight: 25.0kg