DPA d:fine 6066 Headset Microphone Black

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The capsule of the d:fine CORE 6066 Subminiature Headset is just 3 mm in diameter, but packs the audio power of larger, award-winning DPA mics. Despite its small size, it is abundant in clarity, consistency and durability – three qualities that truly matter. Beyond this minimized size and maximized sound potential, these mics also sport a completely redesigned, lightweight, one-size-fits-all headset that attaches over the ears for maximum comfort. 3-point ear grips with spring mechanisms help grip below the ears and to the side of the head for added security. A 2-way adjustable boom system (length and height) with an anti-rotate mechanism makes this new headset very easy to fit.

Tech Spec

Type:Pre-polarized Condenser
Directional Pattern:Omnidirectional
Freq range:20 Hz – 20 kHz
For use with:Shure UR1 & Sennhieser SK300 Beltpacks
Includes:Adaptors to fit UR1 & SK300 Beltpacks
Power Consumption:0.7A
Transport Weight: 2.4kg


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