Disguise Quad DVI VFC Card


Disguise Video Format Conversion cards are an industry first, they allow the user to change the video output signal on their media server depending on individual project requirements.  The VFC cards can be used to mix signal formats and resolution types in the same projector with guaranteed frame synchronisation and near-zero latency.

The Disguise Quad DVI VFC card provides a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz or 2048 x 1080 @ 60Hz.  You can achieve up to sixteen HD outputs when used with a 4x4pro or a vx 4 server, up to eight HD outputs from a 2x4pro or gx 2 server, or four HD output from a gx 1 server.

Tech Spec

Maximum Resolution: 1920×1200 @60 YCbCr444 8bit or 2048×1080 @60 YCbCr444 8bit)
Compatibility: Disguise 4x4pro, Disguise 2x4pro, Disguise vx 4, Disguise vx 2, Disguise vx 1,  Disguise gx 2c, Disguise gx 2, Disguise gx 1
Outputs: 4 x Dual-Link DVI
Transport Weight: 142.0kg