TallyHo 3 Way Wireless Tally Light System


The TallyHo 3 Way Wireless Tally Light System is designed for TV and video broadcasting. It’s a great solution for live events or studio work with a multiple camera setup. The system has a 250m range, which ensures the camera operators are always aware of whether their camera is in ‘live’ or ‘preview mode’ and the presenter knows which camera is in use. The receiver shows a red light on the front and rear when the camera is live, or a green light on the rear when it has been selected on preview. The kit includes cables to connect to Panasonic HS50E, HS400 and HS410 Vision Mixers

Tech Spec

Transmitter Input: 9 Pin Data Connection
Kit Includes: 3 x Receiver Unit
1 x Transmitter Unit
3 x Connection Cables for Panasonic HS50E, HS400 & HS410 Vision Mixers.
Transport Weight: 7.4kg