Shure Beta DMK57-52 Drum Microphone Kit

Approved used£275.00


The Shure Beta DMK57-52 is a professional 4-piece drum microphone set. It includes three SM57 instrument microphones ideal for Toms and Snare drums and a Beta 52A kick drum microphone. Mounting hardware is included. The DMK57-52 is a premium drum mic kit designed to offer a complete core package of microphones for professional drummers for use in most applications including on stage or in the recording studio.

Tech Spec

Type: Dynamic
Pattern: Supercardioid (Beta 52A)
Cardioid (SM 57)
Freq Response: 20Hz-10kHz (Beta 52A)
40Hz-15kHz (SM 57)
Kit Includes: 1 x Beta 52A Microphone
3 x SM 57 Microphones
3 x Shure A56D Drum Clamps
Transport Weight: 6.0kg