Riedel Bolero Active Antenna System


Riedel Bolero Antennas can be used individually, in a ring structure, or daisychained as the situation demands. Also, up to 100 antennas and 100 beltpacks can be integrated into a single system. The Riedel antennas can be placed up to 300 meters apart and up to five can be powered via the CAT5 network using a new external PSU. The system is quickly and easily confi gured over the IP connection using a web browser. Finally, a throw-down box can be used to interface the standalone Bolero with other intercom systems via 4-wire

Tech Spec

Supports: Up to 10 Beltpacks
(10 Beltpacks Per Antenna)
Freq Range: 1.880 – 1.930GHz
Kit Includes: 1 x Bolero Active Antenna
1 x Manfrotto Clamp
Power Consumption:0.06A
Flying Weight:1.4kg
Transport Weight: 7.2kg