Interspace MasterCue V5


Interspace MasterCue V5  is a versatile cue light system built for the Rental & Hire industry. The rugged design has proven to stand up to the most rigorous Rental & Hire environments. It displays cues visually as well as producing audible cue sounds via the in-built speaker or external headphones. The USB interface can directly control the computer running the presentation if required. The option of dual button controls, the presenter can signal either forward or back cues during the presentation.

Also other features include programmable remote cue buttons to control the presentation (e.g.return to the beginning of the presentation, take the screen to black, etc). Intercom system loop-through feature which can let the operator hear cue sounds via their production intercom headset.

An optional Interspace Confidence Lamp provides the presenter with a clear, on-stage, coloured, visual confirmation of their cue. Easily installed using standard 3-pin XLR microphone cable

The Interspace MasterCue V5 Radio Cue Light System also comes complete with 2 x Hard-wired remotes to provide backup if required.

This Interspace masterCue V5 Cue light system is ideal for use with our range of Laptops.

Interspace MasterCue V5 Rental/Hire. Contact us today to hire or for a demonstration of the Interspace Cue Light Systems.

Tech Spec

Kit Includes: 1 x Base Station & RF Receiver
2 x Wireless Remotes
2 x Hard-wired Remotes
Power Consumption: 1.0A
Transport Weight: 0.0kg