Disguise 4×4pro Media Server


The Disguise 4x4pro Media Server sets the industry benchmark for power, flexibility and convenience.

The Disguise 4x4pro media server is a rugged media server with enough power to fill every pixel of its outputs. With at least two simultaneous layers of content over four 4K outputs, or sixteen HD outputs. Meaning one Disguise 4x4pro can replace four conventional media servers with four outputs each. Less servers means less cost, complexity and setup time but more control.

The Disguise 4x4pro media server can play up to 32 HD players of DXV/HAP content. Which you can split however you like, with canvas sizes up to 16K pixels across. The Disguise 4x4pro accepts four channels of HDSDI (up to 1080p@30) or two channels of 3G-SDI (1080p@60), with just 50 msec latency. Twin 10Gbit/sec Ethernet connections let you transfer huge files in minutes rather than hours.

Tech Spec

POA. Please call to discuss your requirements
Layers: 8 x 4K Content Layers. Up to 32 x HD layers DXV/HAP
Hard Drive: 2TB Removable SSD Raid Array (expandable)
Inputs: 4 x HD-SDI/2x 3G-SDI
Outputs: 4 x Display Port 1.2 (max res 4096 x 2160) or 16 x DVI (max res 2048 x 1080)
Media Format: (Playback) .MOV (ANIM, PIPG, DXV, HAP. HAPQ
Features: Realtime 3D Simulation, Content Mapping, d3 Net, Projector Simulation, Playback, Show Integration, Sequencing.
Optional Acc:
Display Port 1.2 VFC Cards
Quad 3G-SDI VFC Cards
HDMI 2.0 VFC Cards
Power Consumption: 9A
Transport Weight: 142.0kg