d&b Y Series Base Plate


The d&b Y Series Base Plate Z5396 must only be used for ground stacked applications in connection with d&b Y-Series Y8 and Y12 loudspeakers. The Base plate is not intended for flown use. The Base plate is designed to support a maximum of 3 x Y-TOP cabinets when used directly on the ground. A maximum of 6 x Y-TOP cabinets are allowed when using the Base plate on top of an applicable d&b subwoofer, such as the B4 & V Series SUB. The Y8/Y12 assembly on top of the Subwoofer can be horizontally aligned to the left or to the right. However, due to the rubber feet of the Base plate, the angle is limited to 15°.

Tech Spec

Kit Includes: 1 x Z5396 d&b Y Base plate
1 x M20 x 25 Hand Bolt
2 x 7 x 18 mm Locking Pins
1 x 8 x 40 mm Locking Pin
For use with: d&b Y-Series, Y8 and Y12 Speakers
Transport Weight: 6.2kg