Barco MatrixPro 16×16 HD-SDI Router

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The Barco MatrixPro 16×16 HD-SDI router allows users to route either HD-SDI or SDI signals. Each input and output is individually isolated. These inputs can be switched to any one or all of the outputs with no cross talk or signal noise between channels. The MatrixPro is SMPTE 259M and SMPTE 292M compliant for all inputs/outputs.

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Tech Spec

Inputs:16 x BNC Connectors
Input Type:SDI, HD-SDI SMPTE 259m & 292m Compliant
Outputs:16 x BNC Connectors
Output Type:SDI, HD-SDI SMPTE 259m & 292m Compliant
Max Cable Length:100mtr
Power Consumption: 0.13A
Transport Weight: 12.7kg