Barco EC-30 Event Controller

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The Barco EC-30 Event Controller gives the operator a compact surface and simplified workflow. All while still providing fingertip control where budget and space are the deciding factors.
The EC-30 is an extension of the Event Master toolset, bringing the essential selections for sources, presets, layers and destinations to your fingertips. As a USB peripheral added to your existing Event Master control computer. In conclusion it is the most cost-effective and compact alternative to a full-sized controller.

Tech Spec

Control:4 user-programmable buttons with customisable LCD displays
Dedicated Background layer button
8 dedicated Layer selection buttons with multi-page functionality
Dedicated layer function buttons for transitions, freeze, and FX arming
12 user-definable Destination buttons with multi-page functionality
Status LEDs and color coded LCD displays
2 user-assignable custom function buttons
Kit Includes: USB A – B Cable
Transport Weight: 9.6kg


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